About Qualified Appraisers, Inc.

Currently based in Cincinnati, Ohio, we have been the local favorite among homeowners, mortgage brokers, and lenders since 1992.

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About Our Appraiser


Michael S. Airhart  

    -"There is never a problem that does not have a solution". 

Michael Airhart has been the President and Chief Appraiser at Qualified Appraisers, Inc. since 1992.  Currently, Michael is celebrating more than 25 years as a real estate appraiser!  His past experience includes practicing every position in residential construction and remodeling, starting as a General Laborer, moving on to Carpenter, and finally to Project Manager.  This experience contributes to his exceptional knowledge of the "hammer and nails" aspect of constructing a home, as well as home building and remodeling pricing. 

Michael has been an expert witness in several civil court cases, offering his expertise regarding value and construction issues.  He has also helped many homeowners reduce their real estate taxes by testifying at Board of Revision hearings.  Michael has a history of bringing buyers and sellers together when a fair price is in question, and has assisted thousands of homeowners in deciding on a fair asking price for their home.